Worldwide Chromebook Sales Expected to Grow 27% this Year to 7.3 Million

As we know by now, Google’s previously “experimental” Chromebooks have more than made it into the mainstream. Rather than just occupying a small niche of the portable notebook market, Chromebooks are making inroads in the general U.S. computing market as well.

The very low prices of these cloud laptops compared to run-of-the-mill notebooks (and especially iPads) is one likely reason for their success.

Analysts had predicted that Google would enjoy success but that Chromebooks would remain a niche in the overall consumer market. However, U.S. education and consumer buyers have placed Chromebook users as one of the fastest growing market segments in 2015.

While the traditionally more conservative business and enterprise buyers have been a little slower adopting these devices, one market analyst believes Chromebooks will ultimately become “a valid device choice for enterprises wanting a low cost, easy to manage option.” Google has been working… well… let’s just say lots of overtime to improve the devices for all use cases. And if there’s anyone who can crack the business computing market, let’s furthermore just say that Google is the company that can do it.

The majority of Chromebook sales last year were in North America, with only 16% being sold in other countries. While other countries such as Australia, Japan, and certain countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East have been buying Chromebooks by the tens or hundreds of thousands as well, these figure make the Chromebook seem to be a quintessentially North American device for now.

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