Chromebook Black Friday 2015 – Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2015 is officially here and so are the best Chromebook Cyber Monday deals. I know I’m thankful, how about you? Remember when the first Chrome OS-powered laptops from Samsung and Acer (and later Sony) came out and they were all like, in the neighborhood of $500? All that’s changed, thankfully.

Updated Cyber Monday 11/30 9:16PM: We’ll be updating this page all weekend up through Cyber Monday 2015. Scroll down beneath the photo of ol’ Jeff there to see the updated deals.

In 2015, the lower priced Chromebooks have competed with a wide variety of Windows tablets and iPads. I can honestly say that the deals I’m seeing this year are the lowest prices since… well, ever. $150 or less for a Chromebook, WITH shipping included? You’re killing me here, Bezos.

Bezos' Cyber Monday 2015 Chromebook Deals are Zany

“Jeff Bezos’ iconic laugh” by Steve Jurvetson – Flickr: Bezos’ Iconic Laugh. CC BY 2.0 via Commons

Here are some of the best Black Friday Weekend Chromebook deals so far for 2015: (Updated Deals for Cyber Monday 2015 at 9:16PM EST)

The very cool ASUS Chromebook Flip convertible 2-in-1 is also selling for $209.99 with Free Shipping at the time of this writing. Amazon changes their prices often, so check the link to see the current price.

If you want to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas and has a great price, CYBER MONDAY is a great time to go ahead and order it especially if you’re planning on getting it later on anyway. (Retailers never raise prices as it gets closer to Christmas… no, that never happens…)

Find any deals we don’t know about? Let us know.

See our comparison chart here if you’re interested in specs, but remember that “technical” specs are not as important to Chromebooks as they are in other notebooks since so much processing takes place “in the cloud.” Pay close attention to things like screen size – 10″ vs 11″ vs 13″ etc – and color if getting a silver, white, or navy colored Chromebook is important to you!

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