Cyber Monday/Black Friday Chromebook Weekend Deals 2014 UPDATED – Save $50

Deals on Chromebooks for Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2014

Latest Cyber Monday Deal: ASUS Chromebook HD 13-Inch Laptop only $169.99 with Free Shipping

Black Friday has arrived yet again for 2014, and the prices on brand new Chromebooks are the lowest that they have ever been. We should be very thankful! I recall when Google released the first Chrome notebooks, the first Samsung and Acer models were all in the $400-$650 range.

Chromebooks are also now competing with more iPads/tablets (and currently winning the price wars by far), and offer a more, well, laptop-like experience. Seriously, I can say without a doubt in my mind that these are the lowest prices I’ve ever seen in almost 4 years of write-ups about Chromebook models for this review site. I mean, a $150 Chromebook, shipping included? Are you kidding me, Jeff Bezos?

Update 12/1/2014: Black Friday is over, but as of Cyber Monday some of these sale prices are continuing through Black Friday weekend until at least Monday. Since the sale prices on these laptops can change at any time, you can check the latest prices via the links below to be sure.

Lowest Black Friday Prices on Chromebooks

2014 Acer Chromebooks

Case in point: check out the ridiculous low price for the Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6-Inch, 16GB) (pictured above) on Amazon. What’s more, the 32GB hard drive capacity model is presently only $100 more than the 16GB model.

The Acers in particular seem to sell out pretty fast between Thanksgiving and Christmas, at least judging by past years – I assume because they typically have the lowest prices. You may want to go ahead and grab the $50 savings before the prices start jumping up as we get closer to December.

Samsung’s Bestselling 2014 Chromebooks

If looks and build quality are your thing (or if you just prefer Samsung to Acer), you can snatch up the sleek-looking Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6-Inch in metallic silver.

HP and Toshiba’s Bigger-Screen Chromebook Models

If you’d like a Chromebook with a larger screen – 14 inches, to be exact – check out 2014′s respectable Black Friday price for the HP Chromebook 14. At just 1 inch smaller, Toshiba’s 13 inch Chromebook is also on sale, though not currently at quite as much of a discount as the others at the time of this writing; you can always check the current prices here since things can go up and down quickly on Black Fridays…

Buying Advice

My advice, if you’re buying as a gift for someone whose eyesight isn’t the greatest, you’ll probably want to go with the 14-inch (HP) or the slightly smaller 13-inch (Toshiba) Chromebook laptop models (both are still still quite lightweight and compact). If you’ll be transporting it, as always I have to suggest the 11-12 inch Acer and Samsung models. Both sizes are discounted heavily right now, so it’s up to you whether to get the lowest price, or take advantage of the day after Thanksgiving discount to get a more expensive model for much less. I can quite honestly say that any of the models above, from the cheapest Acer to the more expensive models, are excellent, well-built, attractive machines and will make the gift recipient very happy.

If you need any more help deciding, feel free to compare all the Chromebook model specs on our handy chart (Again, if you find the technical specs confusing, I fully recommend any of the models I mentioned that are on sale.).

Good luck deciding, happy Thanksgiving, happy holidays, and happy shopping!

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