A Chromebook with a Bigger Screen

The first Chromebooks were designed to be ultra-portable. However, if you’re lookng for a Chromebook that’s still lightweight and portable but has a bigger screen, you’re in luck: HP has come out with their take on the popular Google laptop.

HP’s 2013 14″ Chromebook is part of their “Pavilion” series, and is currently the newest Chromebook model on the market (first debuting in February 2013). It combines the benefits of the ultra-portable Chromebooks with a larger screen (which could be a pro or a con depending on your needs).

See more about the 14-Inch HP Chromebook.

Prospective buyers should note that the pixel resolution of the HP Chromebook is not higher than the newest Samsung or Acer models, but the larger size of the LED screen should be easier on the eyes for anyone who finds the 11.6 – 12.1″ screens a bit too small.

While the 14 inch HP Chromebook is still highly portable, its larger screen makes it an ideal option for less mobile/”desktop” users who will not necessarily be taking their Chromebook everywhere they go. Although, it’s still small and light enough (at only 4 pounds) that you certainly could take this laptop with you wherever you want to go.

For users interested in connecting portable wireless peripherals, such as a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, headset or other electronics, the HP model also includes integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

For more information on the differences between the current Chromebook models on the market, see our Chromebook comparison page.

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