Chromebook Deals Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2013

blackmonday2013If you’ve been wanting to get a Chromebook, but have been waiting for a good deal to come along, you’re in luck. Now is the best time to get it. Starting on Black Friday 2013 (November 29) and carrying on until “Cyber Monday 2013″ (the eponymous December 2), Amazon will be offering great sale prices on all kinds of items – including Chromebooks. Price-wise, his is probably about as low as you’re going to get until this time next year.

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Historically, Amazon always has had the lowest price on all the Chromebook models (and just about all other computers and electronics). For one, they don’t charge shipping on Chromebook orders (or any order totalling over $35).

Just as importantly, when you buy from Amazon, you don’t have to pay sales tax. Better take advantage of that last point while you still can.

With free shipping and $0 taxes, if you’re looking to get the lowest price, Amazon is the place to get your Chromebook.

If you’re ready to dive into a brand new HP, Samsung, or Acer Chromebook, or get your gift shopping done early, take a gander at the links below to find the lowest price on Chromebooks during the post-Thanksgiving 2013 sale weekend. Also, hurry, because some models are already getting close to running out of stock (on Thanksgiving).

Chromebook Black Friday 2013/Cyber Monday 2013 Prices:

  1. Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)
  2. Samsung Chromebook (3G, 11.6-Inch)
  3. Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6-Inch, Haswell micro-architecture, 2GB)
  4. HP Pavilion Chromebook 14-c010us 14-Inch Laptop (Black)

These are the latest, most popular Chromebook models out. If for some reason you don’t see the model you want listed above, you’ll most likely find it suggested on one of the links above. There are also some nice-looking colors like snow white (my personal favorite), coral, and aqua available for some of the models.

Hurry Before All the Chromebooks Sell Out

The brick-and-mortar computer stores like Best Buy generally can’t compete with Amazon’s Chromebook¬†Black Friday 2013 and Cyber Monday 2013 deals, because of the lack of sales tax, which can add an extra $20 – $65+ onto the price of your Chromebook.¬†Besides… aren’t Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday all about getting the lowest price in the first place?

Also, have you ever been in one of those stores on Black Friday? (Editor’s note: shudder)

Anyway, check the links above from November 29 – December 2 to find the lowest price on an Acer, Samsung, or HP Chromebook, but hurry, because besides running out of stock, Amazon does have a habit of raising their prices seemingly at random (the worst is finding out the price went back up because you decided to leave it sitting in your shopping cart overnight!).

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