Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse Review

Looking for a new wireless mouse for your Chromebook? The Logitech M510 is Chromebook-compatible, wireless, extremely comfortable, has great build quality, and only takes up a single USB port. But even with all that going for it, is it worth the price? Let’s take a closer look at the M510 wireless USB mouse and find out.


The Logitech M510 packaging (nano-receiver on left)

The Logitech M510 wireless USB mouse has 5 total buttons: left, right, middle/scroll wheel, back, and forward. When using it with the Chrome browser, I had no problems moving back and forward between pages with the side buttons (which I don’t typically use, as a matter of personal preference) but some people have mentioned problems getting mice with multiple extra buttons to work in Chrome OS. If having these dedicated back and forward side buttons on your wireless mouse is a deal-breaker for you, you may want to look at other mice, however this will happen with many mice with extra buttons.

The M510 has soft, rubber grips on both sides making it much more comfortable to hold in your hand all day than some of the cheaper all-plastic mice. The design contours to your hand making it even more comfortable to use (in general, the less you “remember” you’re using a mouse, the better it is).

The Unifying nano-receiver, which now ships with many of Logitech’s wireless products, is small enough to stay in your Chromebook at all times. Of course, you can still remove it to free up the port any time if you like.

As a bonus, if you have a Logitech wireless peripheral like a wireless keyboard, it can use the same Unifying nano-receiver. Score!

After using this mouse for an extended period (over 10 hours) without breaks, my hand doesn’t hurt as much as it did with some of the older notebook mice I’ve used. We haven’t yet been able to test the manufacturer’s claimed 2 years of battery life before needing a replacement (it uses standard 2 AA batteries — which it comes with pre-installed), but other purchasers have reported that the battery life is, at the very least, incredible among wireless USB mice.

All in all, we can highly recommend it. Though its MSRP of $40 is a bit higher than some other mice, you get what you pay for. The comfort, high build quality, and battery life is well worth it (and if you can find it on sale, all the better).


  • Logitech’s build quality is superb as usual with this mouse
  • Contoured shape to match hang, with soft rubber grips on the side for comfortable use
  • Logitech Unifying receiver is slim enough to stay in your computer if you like
  • Battery life rated to last up to two years (!)
  • Batteries included — comes with 2 AA batteries pre-installed so you can plug and play


  • Extra back and forward buttons may not work on Chromebook
  • MSRP of $40 is somewhat high for a wireless mouse, but can be found for lower price at Amazon (see link below for current lowest price).

Overall Rating: (4.5)

Buy it Now: Logitech M510 Mouse for $29.99 with Free Shipping

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