Sony to Announce New VAIO Chromebook

Just coming in off the wire from the big, bland tech blogs this morning: Sony, one of the most respected names in entertainment technology (if that sentence was news to you, you’ve probably been living under the Rock of Gibraltar), is preparing to launch a new Chrome OS-powered notebook, or Chromebook.

The new Sony Chromebook will be launched under Sony’s flagship VAIO line of notebooks, and will, no doubt, infuse a bit more sexy style into the Chromebook line (look out, Samsung Series 5).

Why is Sony stepping its own foot into the Chromebook business? Well, Sony has been closely watching the success of the Acer and Samsung Chromebook “experiment” over the past year, as well as the CR-48 prototype Chromebook that came before it. Sony sees the sales potential in the addition of a VAIO Chromebook to their current line of notebooks.

In closely-related news, Google is also preparing to add new features to the Chrome operating systems on existing and future Chromebooks. The most important of these changes, spawned from Chrome user feedback, is the planned addition of window navigation as opposed to only tabs in a single “window.”

The new Sony Chromebook is expected to be officially “announced” by Google reps this June (2012) at its annual I/O conference, though an official announcement could come earlier from Sony or Google. We’ll be sure to bring you the latest pictures, information and reviews on the new Sony Chromebook as soon as more info is made available.

Keep watching Chromebook Ratings for reviews and more on the new Sony VAIO Chromebook, and feel free to leave your comments below!

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