Ordering Bulk Chromebook Accessories

With Chromebooks gaining steady popularity for single-user and household-use purposes, it’s easy to forget how much they shine as tools for companies and organizations. Organizations, businesses, and institutions of all sizes that use Chromebooks as their work laptop of choice may want to protect their investment or enhance productivity by purchasing Chromebook accessories inexpensively (scroll down to see some of our personal suggestions).

M305 Logitech Wireless Mouse for ChromebookSome of the most essential accessories an organization may want to purchase in bulk include:

  1. Bulk chromebook sleeves — these are absolutely essential for protecting Chromebooks from drops, spills, and other accidental damage.
  2. Bulk chromebook-compatible mice — these can boost comfort and productivity for many users over using a trackpad.
  3. Assorted other bulk Chromebook accessories, like Flash drives, portable hard drives, earbuds, and so on

Occasionally, either the purchasing department or “lucky” person (you?) who is charged with actually purchasing the Chromebooks will, at some point, need to purchase Chromebook accessories in bulk quantities. We don’t care where you normally do your purchasing — by far, the best prices for Chromebook can be found on good old-fashioned Amazon (link). The marginal discounts companies usually offer for purchasing Chromebook accessories in bulk still can’t make up for Amazon’s just generally lower prices overall combined with their free shipping (and no sales tax in most states, to boot).

Thus, if you need to order a lot of Chromebook accessories in one bulk order, we’re positive you’ll find that you’ll get the best Chromebook accessory bulk prices overall right at Amazon.

Here are some of the most popular Chromebook accessories that we’ve found organizations generally need to purchase in bulk quanitity:

Bulk Chromebook Sleeves/Cases

TheĀ Kensington SP12 Notebook Sleeve is a very high-quality, professional and work-oriented sleeve that has a “business look” to it, all for a very low price. According to reviews, it fits both the 11.6″ Acer Chromebook and 12.1″ Samsung Chromebook perfectly. Plus, unlike most Chromebook sleeves in this price range, it has a handle as well as a shoulder strap and a decent accessory pocket perfect for holding Chromebook accessories like flash drives, cables, wireless mice, and so on.

Bulk Wireless Mouse (Mice) for Chromebook

By far, the best reviewed mouse fully compatible with Chromebooks (and the one I use myself) has to be the Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse (if you like, check out our own Logitech M305 wireless mouse review here). Part of what makes the Logitech M305 such a perfect portable mouse for a Chromebook, besides its small but, importantly, big-enough size and overall good tracking and “feel” in the hand, is its simplicity. As a work mouse meant for use on a Chromebook, you won’t generally need a thousand buttons mapped to redundant features you’ll already find on the Chromebook keyboard. With two buttons and a scroll wheel with middle click, The M305 does everything you need at a price point that can’t be beat. For companies, institutions, and other organizations, we think the Logitech M305′s practical, affordable features make it the perfect Chromebook mouse to order in bulk.

It comes in a wide assortment of colors, so if one color is sold out, check the others. You can also, of course, order the color/design that matches your business or organization.

Bulk Chromebook Flash Drive

Everyone needs one of these. The SanDisk Cruzer 32GB USB Flash is the bestselling Flash Drive for three important reasons: reliability (most important), price, and capacity. The 32GB SanDisk Cruzer makes a great Chromebook Flash Drive that will store huge amounts of work documents and files. No one can truly be productive without a good Flash Drive (and those old 4GB ones won’t cut it anymore in 2012). The Cruzer (link above) makes a great Chromebook accessory to throw in as part of a Chromebook “essentials kit,” but is useful enough to purchase in bulk by itself as well.

Bulk Chromebook Accessories

There are too many possible Chromebook accessories to list on this one post, and the needs of your organization or insitution may call for Chromebook accessories we wouldn’t even think of! If you’re needing to purchase in bulk for a “fleet” of Chromebooks, don’t bother with supposed bulk discounts from other suppliers. JustĀ visit Amazon to find the overall best prices and deals on Chromebook accessories — period.

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