A Guide for Enabling Sync on your Chromebook

Syncing your stuff across all your devices is one of the best features of Chrome; also one of the easiest features to set up. Despite the simplicity with which you can set up sync on your Chromebook or other Chrome device (including the browser on your non-Chromebook computer), the word “sync” often conjures up a sense of difficulty that’s… well… not in accordance with reality.

Perhaps this misconception comes from the seeming difficulty of setting up a [good] sync routine with Apple’s iDevices, and now iCloud — it just never works the way you want it to, and, other than the most diehard (I hate this term) fanboys, anyone who has ever tried to sync information from more than one computer with iTunes to an iPhone or iPod will likely agree. However, the way Google syncs information in the cloud is much, much more user-friendly, with no unexpected surprises. You know, the kind of surprise you experience when you plug in a friend’s sync cable to your iPhone with a 1% battery level and get that “This accessory is not compatible with this device” message. Surprise! (But, I’m getting way off track here.)

It’s much easier to set up Chrome sync on multiple devices than you might think. But why would you want to sync your bookmarks, apps, extensions, and other information across every computer you use? No bad surprises. (See? I brought it all the way back) Only pleasant surprises, when you’re away from your home computer and think you can’t show someone something because it’s on your desktop PC at home. Surprise! There it is, right there on your Chromebook. Life is pretty cool sometimes.

If you have a Chromebook, you’re probably already synced, but if you need some help setting it up on your Chromebook or other devices, we’ve written a sort of guide that explains the basics to setting up sync across Chromebooks and other computers running Chrome.

Ready? Synchronize your Chromebooks!

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