Chargers: Power Up Your Chromebook at Home and on the Road

Trust me — it happens to everyone. At some point, everyone misplaces a cable. It’s usually not that huge of a deal, but when it’s the power cable for your only laptop, it can be rather quite irksome, to say the least (or the most — whatever).

With that in mind, let’s skip the standard “funny” introduction and get right to solving the problem. Being so new and (relatively) rare, Chromebook power adapters are still difficult, if not impossible to come across in brick-and-mortar electronics store aisles. The best way to get one is to order one online. Luckily, expedited shipping on lightweight power cords can be surprisingly cheap. It matters not whether you need a new Chromebook power cable to replace a lost one, or want to explore some other power options, this guide will help you do so without wasting a bunch of time or spending more than you ought to.

Replacement AC Cable / Power Cord for Chromebook

Chromebook Power Cable and Battery Charger

If you’re needing a replacement Chromebook charger / AC adapter power cable for a Samsung Series 5 or Acer Chromebook, I’ve found that you can find both kinds rather easily (and inexpensively) on Amazon. The quality of aftermarket power cables available on Amazon tends to be significantly higher than the sketchy Chinese ones on E-bay for the same price (they arrive a lot faster too — in my own experience, sometimes weeks faster) and, as an added benefit, you have the peace of mind that you can call on not only the manufacturer’s warranty, but Amazon’s notably lenient replacement/refund policy as well.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Power Cord Replacements

For a battery charger to work with your computer, it has to not only be the right wattage, but has to have the right type of connector to fit into your AC power port as well. As with other laptops, there are a lot of generic power chargers for Chromebooks out there of varying cost and quality. These two are the lowest-priced replacement power adapters I’ve found for the Series 5 from reputable aftermarket manufacturers (in no particular order).

Note: these cords occasionally sell out. If both of the cords listed above are unavailable, try searching in the box from the product page and you’ll almost certainly find a compatible one.

Acer AC700 Chromebook Power Cord Replacements

As stated above, finding a charger that is compatible with your Chromebook means that it has to not only be the correct wattage, but has to have the right type of end connector that will fit exactly into your Chromebook’s power port as well. These are the lowest-priced replacement power adapters I’ve found for Acer Chromebooks from reputable manufacturers¬†(again in no particular order).

The second one is a genuine OEM charger made by Acer, but is not always in stock. If it is out of stock, don’t worry — the generic version above it will work exactly the same.

Chromebook Car Charger

Something you may not have considered, but which is pretty cool nevertheless, is buying a car charger for the Chromebook. While a car power adapter would still be especially useful for travelling with a Wi-Fi-only Chromebook,  it is a natural fit for the 3G models.

A Chromebook car charger works, as you might expect, by plugging into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Rather than getting a bulky power inverter that has to fit awkwardly somewhere between the front seats (although this cupholder version by Duracell solves that problem and includes some handy USB ports), there is a far more minimalist solution available for charging your Chromebook battery in your car. Pwr+, an aftermarket power accessory company, makes a good quality car charger / power adapter that is specifically compatible with the Acer Chromebook AC700 that you can get on Amazon for under $20. Likewise, if you want to get an auto power adapter for a Samsung Chromebook, they make a car charger with a different jack intended for the Series 5 that you can pick up for as little as $25.


We hope this guide helped you find some solutions for powering up your Chromebook. Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our Chromebook Reviews and Chromebook Accessory Reviews.

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