Hojoki: Combine Your Cloud Apps into One

Hojoki for ChromeHojoki is an app that can integrate all of your cloud services into one convenient newsfeed-style app for your Chromebook. Think of the newsfeed / activity stream on Facebook. Its developers aim to revolutionize the work-flow of people working in the cloud.

Some of the cloud apps that Hojoki integrates with include:

  • Dropbox
  • Delicious
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Reader
  • Highrise
  • Twitter
  • Beanstalk
  • Github
  • CloudApp
  • Ta-Da List

More cloud apps are on their way, including Evernote. If you use a lot of cloud productivity apps, and you should, the ability to see everything going on in these apps at once as opposed to signing into a bunch of individual apps is a benefit that needs little explanation. With the live activity stream, Hojoki notifies you in real time when there is an update related to one of your apps.

Hojoki includes powerful filtering and “spotlight” search options. Tagging / Twitter-style hashtagging is also implemented.

Although you can increase your own individual productivity on your own, a  primary focus of Hojoki is the ability to easily collaborate and share things over the cloud with team members. You can make ”projects” and send private invitations to an unlimited number of other users, with the scope to configure which things are shared automatically. Updates are “pushed” to members of your team at the same time you receive them, so you can stay on the same page (literally, perhaps). As you can see, with its combination of private collaboration and sync features, it’s a perfect app for enterprises or developers who work on Chromebooks.

There are a number of attractive themes for Hojoki as well.

Of course, like so many apps for Chrome, it’s absolutely free. According to the developers, at some point in the future, an even more advanced version will be available for enterprise-level collaboration, but there will always be a free version available. You can find Hojoki in the Chrome app store.

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