Review: Tuffluv Slim-Line Faux Leather Chromebook Case / Cover

If you’re looking for a high-quality protective Chromebook sleeve that also doubles as a full-time case, look no further. The Slim-Line Faux Leather Chromebook Case for the Samsung Series 5 is a dual-duty accessory that stands out above other 12.1″ sleeves.

Our Review:

"Now this is nice."

The overall workmanship and quality of the material is quite good, with sufficient padding to protect your Series 5 from the majority of impacts (short of throwing it off a building into a hotel pool when you’ve failed Angry Birds level 17 for the 100th time), and the black color lends it an undeniably sophisticated, expensive appearance compared to the other (mainly nylon) sleeves out there.

One thing I really like is the soft interior, which makes scratches and shock absorption less of a concern. A lot of faux-leather cases I’ve seen for other electronics (like the way-too-cheap one I got for my Kindle) have the same outer material lining the inside, but this Tuffluv Chromebook case has a soft interior that will cushion your Chromebook and prevent surface scratches on the Samsung Series 5′s shiny surface.

The leatherlike case is very slim and lightweight, so it doesn’t really make your Chromebook take up more space in your bag or backpack. As someone who’s experienced notebook damage even with the protection of a bag (but no sleeve), I personally recommend protecting your Chromebook, or any notebook, with its own sleeve — especially if you’re someone who regularly slings, tosses, or drops your bag.

There are small flaps at the corners to keep the Series 5 “strapped in” securely. The simple convenience of not having to remove your Chromebook from the Tuffluv case when you’re ready to use it can’t be overstated. When the case is closed, you can carry your Samsung Chromebook around like a leather briefcase. For damage prevention, how convenient is that? The open/shut flaps are magnetic, which keeps them nice and out-of-the-way when you’re using your Chromebook.

A downside to this sleeve is that it doesn’t, by necessity, have room for a power adapter, wireless mouse, or other accessories you might want to carry with your Samsung Series 5. There are a few compartments, but they’re designed for holding a business/ID card and SD/Micro-SD cards (you can see more detail here).¬†Therefore, this slimline case works best if you already have an outer bag and want to use the Tuffluv sleeve for some nice-looking additional protection, or even if you just want a convenient way to shuttle it around the house.


  • Can stay on your Samsung¬†Series 5 Chromebook at all times.
  • Very thin design, black faux leather lends an air of sophistication to your Chromebook.
  • Good build quality overall.
  • Soft material inside the case protects the Series 5′s shiny surface from scratches.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • A little more expensive than other 12.1″ Chromebook sleeves.
  • No space to hold power adapter or accessories besides SD cards.
  • No version available for the Acer AC700?


This is a high quality, attractive case that earns extra marks for innovation. If you’re looking for a “different” case for your Chromebook that will provide good protection at all times (and look pretty cool doing it), get this case.

Our Rating: (4.5)

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