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The fanless ThermaPAK Heatshift is a rather original entry in the saturated world of laptop/notebook coolers. It doesn’t use any of your battery or take up a USB port, it doesn’t produce any noise, and it’s portable enough to carry in your bag at all times. But will it cool your Chromebook? Read our full ThermaPAK Heatshift review below:

Our Review:

Rather than using USB powered fans, leeching off your Chromebook’s admittedly formidable battery life (and taking up a USB port), the ThermaPAK “Heatshift” cooling pad uses simple physics. The material the ThermaPAK pad is manufactured out of conducts heat to crystals inside the pad, which slowly soften and actually absorb the heat your Chromebook produces through contact and heat transmission — otherwise known as “passive cooling.”

Because of the way the ThermaPAK cooler works, it cools the entire bottom of the laptop equally, rather than just certain spots as happens when you’re depending on fans. Even the USB coolers that allow you to adjust the position of the fans and target “hot spots” often can’t target the spots that get the hottest on a portable computer (battery compartment, memory, CPU, etc.) either through size limitations or poor design. The ThermaPAK is the opposite of poor design; it’s like one of those futuristic, minimalist technologies that were supposed to be all around us in the 2010′s.

I took way too long to decide whether to buy this pad, especially for the low cost. I ultimately went with this one over a very similar, cheap (in price and appearance) Targus product, mostly because of a bunch of horror stories I read about them occasionally breaking and leaking some kind of white fluid into laptop fans and battery compartments. The ThermaPAK doesn’t seem like it’ll break, and doesn’t even have anything like that inside, so I went with it and I’m very glad I did.

The packaging for the ThermaPak Heatshift. It's resealable, so you can use it to store your ThermaPak if you want to. I just slide mine in my bag, but it's up to you.


I’ve personally been using this pad for a little over two months now, and it’s been absolutely great. I wasn’t really expecting it to work as well as a traditional USB-powered fan cooler, but it seems to give comparable, if not better performance. I’ve tested it on a MacBook Pro (which produces much more heat than a Chromebook) and it has easily lowered the heat by 20+ degrees Celsius on average. That’s pretty impressive, especially for something with no moving parts.

Speaking of no moving parts, the ThermaPAK Heatshift cooling pad is, obviously, completely silent, unlike USB fan coolers that can produce an annoying constantly-running fan noise (or worse, that noise when something gets stuck in the fan and rattles around). If you’re someone who needs a quiet (silent) workspace, the ThermaPAK Heatshift would easily be the best Chromebook cooling option out there.

Another thing that makes the this pad ideal for Chromebook use is that it’s… well, it’s definitely the most portable cooling solution you’ll find. I’d say it’s only about a quarter-inch thick, so it fits into a bag or Chromebook sleeve even more easily than a small paper notebook. It comes in 4 sizes:

  • 10 inches
  • 13 inches
  • 15 inches
  • 17 inches

Personally, I’d recommend either the 10 or 13 inch cooling pad for your 11.6″ Acer or 12.1″ Samsung Chromebook, although any size will absorb the heat, if you have another laptop you’d like to share it with. I’d also recommend the 13-inch over the 10-inch cooler, mostly because it’s $5 cheaper right now.

Each of these options also comes in three colors: black, white/silver, and, differently enough, pink. I went with the black (13″) version, and I’m quite happy with it after over two months of considerable use. Some have said that you should try to keep it flat after use, so the warm liquified crystals inside stay flat and don’t all flow to one side of the pad.

I’d add that the ThermaPAK makes an excellent solution for using your Chromebook on a bed, and, for illustration, has actually made my much hotter MacBook Pro fully usable on my bed rather than causing it to burn up and blast the fans at full speed with nowhere for the heat to go. If you’re looking for an extremely portable cooling solution for a warm Chromebook that’s completely quiet and won’t use up your battery, look no further. I’m very, very happy with the way my purchase turned out.


  • Well-made, seems very durable.
  • Helps cool down a toasty Chromebook or any laptop that produces a lot of heat.
  • Extremely portable, lightweight, and super-thin.
  • Soft, so it’s much easier to use on your lap than a metal/plastic USB cooler.
  • Doesn’t use any of your Chromebook’s battery power (actually, since it makes the Chromebook fans run less, it saves battery power if anything) — Eco-Friendly.
  • Keeps your USB ports free for other things
  • Produces no noise
  • Inexpensive


  • None that I’ve found. I honestly can’t think of any.
  • Doesn’t come in deep purple?

Our Rating:  (5.0)

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