Using an External Monitor with Your Chromebook

Chromebooks come standard with their own built-in HD screens. However, you may wish to optionally connect your Chromebook to an external display device such as a monitor, TV, projector, etc. for a number of reasons:

  • To take advantage of a large screen (such as a wall projector or big-screen TV) for giving a presentation or watching a video or movie.
  • To work with web pages, videos, documents, etc. in a higher/wider resolution.
  • To use Chrome OS on a larger screen than the one built into your notebook.

To optionally connect your Chromebook to an external monitor, television, or projector, first connect the device to your Chromebook using the appropriate cable (see model-specific instructions below). Once you’ve connected them, the external monitor/projector will be automatically detected, and your screen will be projected automatically using the best resolution possible.

If for some reason your screen doesn’t appear on the external monitor, you can press the Ctrl key to manually configure the monitor. If the display isn’t detected, the screen won’t project. When the external monitor is detected, the screen will only appear on the external monitor.

For Samsung Series 5 3G and Samsung Series 5 WiFi Chromebook

The Samsung models come with VGA monitor ports. To use an external display, simply connect the Chromebook to the desired device using a 15-pin VGA cable.

Next, make sure the external display is plugged in and powered on. Your Chromebook’s screen should now be displayed on the external monitor/TV/projector.

For Acer 3G and Acer WiFi Chromebook

The Acer Chromebooks come with HDMI ports. To use an external display, plug one end of an HDMI cable into your Chromebook’s HDMI port, and plug the other end into your display device’s HDMI port.

Now, make sure the external display is plugged in and powered on. Your Chromebook screen should now be visible on the external device.

You’re Done!

Connecting and using an external display with a Chromebook is very easy. However, if for any reason you need further help the owner’s manual for your specific model will be able to guide you.

The information in this help article applies to these models:

  • Samsung 3G
  • Samsung WiFi
  • Acer 3G
  • Acer WiFi

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