Special Shortcut Keys on the Chromebook Keyboard

Here is a brief overview of the shortcut keys on the top row of a Chromebook keyboard. These special keys provide added functions and convenience for navigating the web, switching between apps, and using the computer in general.

Note: to see keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys for your Chromebook, see the Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts list.

Shortcut Keys on a Chromebook Keyboard

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Search Key

Chromebook search key

The most revolutionary change involving the Chromebook’s keyboard is the inclusion of a Search Key in place of the traditional but outdated CAPS LOCK key. It looks like this.

If you need Caps Lock on your Chromebook for any reason, just go to the settings page. Here, you can set the Search Key to behave like a traditional Caps Lock key.

*Outside the U.S., keep in mind that the keys and layout of your keyboard may vary from the description below.

**Key images and descriptions from the Samsung Series 5 user manual.

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