Kindle on the Chromebook?

For all those wondering, the new Kindles from Amazon work just fine with the entire existing line of Chromebooks. That’s correct, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a Samsung Chromebook or an Acer Chromebook, the Kindle is indeed confirmed to be compatible. This applies to the latest Kindle model (the $79 Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display) as well as the model without special offers, and the older keyboard models. Chromebooks will also be compatible with the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire that are scheduled to release later this year sometime.

On a personal note, I went with the $79 model because it’s unbelievably inexpensive to own a Kindle, and I didn’t want the fingerprints all over the screen that a touch-screen would inevitably get. The Kindle Fire looks (and sounds) very cool, but my whole purpose for buying a Kindle was to get the E-ink display — which is absolutely awesome and doesn’t make your eyes feel tired like reading on e-books on a computer screen.

Of course, Kindles do most of their data transfer over WiFi (or 3G with the more advanced models), so the main reason you’d be plugging your Kindle into the USB port on your Chromebook is to charge it. Well, it charges just great! What else would you expect?

If you have both a Chromebook and a Kindle, you can install the free Kindle Cloud Reader app on your Chromebook, which will allow you to read your Kindle books, magazines, and news on either device whenever you like.

So if you’ve got a Chromebook or are thinking of getting one, feel free to pick up one of the brand new ultra-thin, ultra-light Kindles on sale for $79 from Amazon, and enjoy the best that the latest, ultra-mobile cloud computing technology has to offer!

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