Chromebook Startup Speed (Video) – 8 Second Boot

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However, one of the questions we get at Chromebook Ratings quite frequently is — and I’m paraphrasing here — is the boot up time on a chromebook really that fast compared to a Windows 7 Starter notebook? Wonder no more, I’ve found this here video uploaded on Youtube that pretty much sums up what you can expect when you turn on your Samsung Series 5 or Acer Chromebook from a “cold boot.”

Hey, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth millions… (I made that up, but it sort of makes sense… right?)

Remember, the video above shows the boot speed of a Chromebook booting from an “off” state. Resuming (such as closing the chromebook lid and re-opening it later) is instant –zero seconds (or at least less than 1 second — are you really going to pick an argument with me about this, internet?) Thus, you can go from a cold, powered-off Chromebook to one powered up and connected to the internet in just about 8 seconds.

The famous speed of the chromebook boot process is due to a combination of hardware and operating system optimizations, including a solid state hard drive (no moving “read arms” or other parts). Compare the boot speed of the Chromebook in the video above to an average netbook running Windows 7 Starter, taking up to a minute on meager netbook hardware, and you’ll see what I mean. Hope this helps explain the speed in a practical real-world sense better than I can with good old fashioned plain-speaking.

Please note that while the Chromebook in the video is a CR-48 (the “test” Chromebook model made by Google — Not for sale), the same fast boot/performance applies to the Acer AC700 and Samsung Series 5 models — although both (especially the Samsung Series 5) will look quite a bit sleeker doing it.

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