Myna: Audio Editor for Chromebook

I know, I know. I just reviewed a music editor for Chromebook the other day, but this one is totally different. In fact, even though Audio Tool has a very, very cool graphical interface with its sweet vintage gadgets and drool-worthy digital mixers, Aviary’s Myna Audio Editor is more like what you’re already used to when you picture a good multi-track audio editor. As usual with Chromebook apps, it’s free.

The Review

Anyone who’s ever used any kind of audio editing suite in the past will immediately recognize Myna. When you open the program, there are 10 empty tracks, and you can either select from an extensive library of quality loops (including intros and outros) from Quantum Tracks, Aviary, Roc Beats, and Sound Cloud; or you can import your own audio files (WAV, AIF, MP3, Windows Media Audio, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis are supported); or you can record directly from a mic for up to a maximum of 2 minutes (per clip).

When you import a sound file, you have the chance to select all kinds of options for it, including whether you want to keep it for yourself or make it a loop others can search for and use, genre, tempo, key, time signature, license options, and so forth. This part is optional, so if you want you can just click “OK” and import files with the default settings (private, all rights reserved, and no additional information).

Aviary Multi-Track Audio Editor

With the industry-standard tools Myna Audio Editor for Chrome gives you, you can edit, trim, loop, reverse, and stretch audio clips to your heart’s content. Having used audio apps like ProTools, Garageband, and Sony Vegas/Sound Forge before,  there was absolutely no learning curve before I could jump into Myna. You can select, click and drag audio loops all over your project, solo and mute tracks, show and hide the interface panels, and everything just works the way you expect it to.

There are all the familiar automation features — fades in and out, panning, and gain controls, all with infinitely flexible control points like in the big expensive audio editors. Did I mention Myna is free yet?

Myna automation controls

If you’re looking to podcast with your Chromebook, this is the app to get. Besides having a substantial library of all kinds of music intros, loops, and endings that just scream “podcast,” Myna’s interface would make the whole thing almost criminally easy. Like all good Chromebook apps, this one is a model of “easy to use” and “powerful.”

You can apply up to four effects on any one piece of audio, including Stereo Delay, Sweep Peak, Reverb, Parametric EQ, Flanger, Low Pass, High Pass, and Pitch controls. To add, remove, or modify effects, you just right click on the audio segment you wish you modify and select “add effects.” If you want to easily start over with a clip, you can right-click on it and select “Reset clip,” which will remove all the effects and automation. To just reset the automation, you can right click on that part of the clip and select whether you want to reset that specific automation or all automation on the clip.

Effects window in Myna for Chrome

It’s nice that the audio effects take place in real time, so you can keep the sound looping and hear the changes you’re making as you drag each control hand around. The effect dials have enough precision to affect the sound as subtly as you want.

Myna audio editor for chrome screenshot

As you can see in my screenshots, a small message outlined in red at the top of the screen reminds you to save your work when you haven’t done so in a while. A simple, but nice feature that can also save you from bashing your head against your desk (or lap… whatever).

Soloing and muting audio tracks in Myna

The Verdict

If you need a powerful, straightforward audio editor for Chromebook, I highly recommend you give Myna a try. If you’re used to pro audio tools like… well, Pro Tools, you’ll have no problem at all jumping into Myna. It has everything you could need to edit audio files, make your own podcasts, make/edit music, and more. It’s available as a free app for Chrome OS.

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