Angry Birds is Even Better on a Notebook

Angry Birds is back (not that it ever technically left), and this time it’s nesting in your Chrome browser.

Angry Birds Chrome Beta

As someone who wasted, no, spent many hours of my life trying to get better scores on the original iPhone game, I started playing with my hopes set rather low. I had heard a rumor that the “feel” of the game was going to be all off since it’s now being played with a mouse rather than a touch-screen surface. Personally, I’ve found it to be exactly the opposite — I much prefer the feel of the Chrome app to the one for iPhone (the one I’ve spent countless hours replaying).

Playing Angry Birds for Chrome feels much more precise overall, you can actually control the trajectory of the birds much better, and no more accidental slips of the pointer finger across oily glass. Yuck.

The better precision doesn’t make the game more complicated, it merely means that your birdies hit closer to where you intended a larger percentage of the time. Being an iPhone AB vet, I glided through the first few worlds at lightning speed, having lots of fun (and getting better scores than I did using my finger).

Angry Birds Gameplay


The graphics scale very well to a larger resolution. The levels and characters look good and crisp. There is an option to play the game in SD resolution, but I encountered no stutters at all running the app in the default HD resolution in Chrome. The sound is the same as in previous editions, but comes through surprisingly lush with headphones — I must admit I never noticed it through the tiny (and tinny) iPhone speaker.

Angry Birds app Chrome Dimension Levels


This special edition comes with exclusive brain-testing levels that can be accessed by knocking down “Chrome balls” hidden throughout the rest of the 70+ levels.

Whether you’re an expert at the game or have never played it before, Angry Birds would make a perfect choice for your first Chrome app. It is available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

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