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Anyone who’s used a Logitech mouse or keyboard in the past knows the Switzerland-based company knows their stuff when it comes to input devices. Particularly mice, as many gamers will tell you that their larger, wired mice such as the Logitech MX 518 are the only thing they’ll use in online games that require fast reflexes, precision tracking, and often overlooked — a low fatigue factor.

We doubt you’ll be playing Crysis on your new Chromebook, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great mouse that’s comfortable to use and free of frustration. Does Logitech still deliver when it comes to smaller, wireless mice? The short answer is: You bet.

Enter the Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX. A mouse that’s just big enough to be comfortable and feel “good” in your hand, but small enough to hitch a ride with you and your Chromebook to the coffee shop, the office, the book store — Heck, I hear they’re even offering free Wi-Fi in Starbucks now.

Logitech wasn’t kidding when they named this the “anywhere” mouse.

Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX

And, unlike the majority of wireless mouse receivers, the Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX has the smallest USB receiver you’ll ever see. Logitech’s Unifying Nano Receiver won’t stick awkwardly out of your Chromebook like the “stick” receivers for many other wireless mice, leading to possible damage of the stick receiver and, more importantly, your USB port. Don’t worry, the same concern I had about the receiver being TOO small was abated the first time I tried to remove the nano receiver. It is notched to be just easy enough to pull out with some gentle force, but I can’t see it ever coming out on its own. In fact, the Nano Receiver is designed to stay in your Chromebook all the time, so you don’t need to bother with unplugging it and keeping track of it every time you pack up, and vice versa.

The unifying receiver can also be used with other wireless Logitech input devices simultaneously, such as wireless keyboards/keypads, wireless headsets, and anything else they make that uses a nano receiver. Logitech’s mice are also known to work plug-and-play across various operating systems including Chrome OS — something you really shouldn’t overlook when buying a mouse for your Chromebook.

Scrolling with the “hyper-fast” scrolling feature feels good, and in fact, the whole mouse feels good. It’s sculpted to fit most hands very well, and the moderate size and light but “there” weight helps with the overall experience of using the mouse as well. A small child may find the mouse slightly oversized, but if it’s only to be used by adults there should be no problem unless you have very large hands. If you use your Chromebook on the go, you’ll definitely appreciate the “darkfield” optical technology — which makes the mouse usable even on glass. That’s a pretty extravagant claim, but I tried it, and it works.

In 2011, it’s probably not necessary to beat the “wireless” feature into the ground, but it is there, and works without a stutter. The battery life is also exceptional, with most users reporting around 2-3 months of typical use with no charging on two AA batteries. There is a little cover that slips over the laser to prevent it from using power accidentally — great for storing it in your bag.

One note, the Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX’s side back and forward buttons may not work to navigate in Chrome OS, instead acting as a second way to left and right click. There are back and forward navigation buttons on the Chromebook keyboard you can use instead, however. Still, it’d be nice if the buttons on the side of the mouse did the same thing — though I always find myself hitting back and forward buttons by accident at the worst times when they’re on the mouse itself so, for me personally, I don’t mind them not being functional. Hopefully, there will be a Chrome OS update or a Logitech firmware update that will restore the side buttons’ functionality.

Last but not least, it comes with a classy-looking black sleeve/case to protect the mouse from scratches and other damage. With the high build quality, its use is not an absolute requirement, but it’s definitely a great free extra in a time when tech companies are cutting their own costs more than ever.

If you’re tired of trackpad life and want to be able to use the mouse in just about any surface (including glass), I recommend the Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX.


  • Excellent wireless performance and tracking.
  • Hyper-fast scrolling feature.
  • Darkfield tracking means the mouse can be used on almost any surface, even transparent glass.
  • “Nano” receiver is small enough to be left in at all times.
  • Comes with a nice carrying case.


  • Back and forward side-buttons currently work as second left and right click in Chrome (Chromebooks have back and forward buttons on the keyboard)

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Overall Rating: (4.0)

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