Review: Logitech M305 Portable Wireless Mouse

A good portable mouse is one of the most essential Chromebook accessories. Unfortunately, even in 2011, a wireless mouse can still be one of the priciest accessory purchases. I decided to review one of the highest-rated, lowest-priced wireless mice, the extremely portable Logitech M305 (seen below in black).

Logitech M305 wireless mouse review


Despite being the lowest-priced, the M305 (seen below in silver) may be the best wireless mouse I’ve used so far. I personally love the way it feels — it’s small enough that you can stash it easily in a slim Chromebook sleeve, but not so small that it’s awkward to use. For my medium-sized hands, it feels perfect.

wireless portable mouse for ChromebookLogitech M305 mouse with samsung netbook
I also like how solid the mouse feels in your hand. It’s light, but there’s no internal rattling like I’ve experienced with some other (more expensive) wireless mice. The M305′s buttons and articulated scroll wheel have a satisfying “click” to them.


Its two buttons and scroll-wheel are more simple and straightforward than most other mice these days, but I actually prefer that in a portable mouse, rather than having a bunch of navigation buttons I accidentally click at the worst times (such as writing e-mails). Chromebooks come with built-in web navigation keys as well, making those extra buttons redundant anyway.

The M305 wireless mouse comes with an AA battery included in the package. I’ve been using the M305 for about two months on the same AA battery, with no low battery indicator yet. I’m particularly forgetful about remembering to turn off wireless mice, so the automatic sleep mode feature has probably helped considerably in extending the battery life.

The wireless receiver, called a “nano-receiver,” is so small that you can keep it plugged into one of your Chromebook’s USB ports at all times, and it won’t get in the way. Logitech even recommends this on the package (“plug-and-forget”).

Nano receiver for logitech wireless mouse

The nano-receiver can be left plugged in at all times.

I originally bought the silver one to match my netbook (and now my “titan silver” Samsung Chromebook). However, it also comes in black, red, blue, green, and several other colorful designs (see available colors). Overall I can’t recommend the Logitech M305 highly enough. At the current price, it would make a great, inexpensive accessory for any new Chromebook owner.



  • Very inexpensive
  • Excellent ergonomics and overall feel
  • Excellent, accurate tracking
  • Nano-receiver can be left in the Chromebook at all times


  • Small size may not fit very large hands

MSRP: $39.99

Lowest Price: $19.99 Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 with free shipping

Overall Rating: (5.0)

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