Review: CaseCrown Protective Chromebook Sleeve

Long-time electronics case-maker CaseCrown was possibly the first on the scene to come out with an official Chromebook case. This inexpensive, protective sleeve-style case is meant to protect your 12.1″ Samsung Series 5 Chromebook from damage caused by drops, bumps, and outside elements. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can carry it like a shoulder bag. We’d like to point out that though CaseCrown lists it as being for the Samsung model, this case will fit the 11.6″ Acer model as well.

Protective sleeve with shoulder strap

Inside is just one big pocket to slide the Chromebook in and out of, but there’s an outside pocket to store more Chromebook accessories like power cords, earphones, a portable mouse, USB flash drives, and the like. Being a sleeve, it doesn’t hold as many add-ons as a larger case, but if you only want to carry and store your Chromebook, a cord, and 1-2 other small accessories, this’ll keep them safe (and keep others from tripping over them).

High quality zipper and stitching

The outside of the sleeve is the same faux-suede material CaseCrown uses in their other notebook and netbook cases. The stitched, suede exterior gives the sleeve a more expensive, stylish (but not overpowering) shell-like look than the more typical nylon sleeves, even though both are approximately the same price.

Blue inside of the black Chromebook sleeve

The inside of the sleeve is a nice, relaxing shade of blue — not too dark to clash with the black exterior, and not too appear “unprofessional.” Indeed, as far as protective sleeves go, you’re  not going to get much more professional-looking than the CaseCrown Chromebook sleeve without paying a lot more for a designer leather sleeve.

The protection on its own isn’t as much as you’d get from a nice, padded compartment like the one in the more expensive Case Logic Aquila shoulder bag (the CaseCrown sleeve is compact enough to fit inside a larger bag for a double-layer of protection). But for a low price (under $20 at Amazon right now) it provides basic, budget-conscious protection for your new Chromebook, from a trusted case company — and for that, we recommend it highly.


  • Basic protection for any new Acer or Samsung Chromebook.
  • Snug fit – computer won’t slide around inside the sleeve.
  • High-quality appearance and construction for cost.
  • Very inexpensive.


  • Not much room for accessories beyond a power cord
  • Not as much protection as a bag with a padded laptop compartment.

Buy Now: $18.21 CaseCrown Protective Chromebook Sleeve

Overall Rating: (4.5)

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