Review: Case Logic Neoprene Sleeve

Looking for something basic and inexpensive to carry your new Chromebook around in? Enter the Case Logic LNEO-2 neoprene “netbook” sleeve. Although Case Logic originally designed this case for netbooks, it will perfectly fit your new Chromebook’s dimensions as well.

This sleeve is thin, but the padding is enough to protect your computer from daily bumps and surface scratches. One thing we like about this sleeve in particular is that it has handles, which you generally don’t find on sleeves this inexpensive. There’s also a (zippered) pocket that gives you some space to store other Chromebook accessories, like a power cord, a USB flash drive, and so on.

Case Logic's cheap Chromebook sleeve with handlesAngle view of Case Logic's inexpensive Chromebook sleeve

The outside of the sleeve is weather-resistant, black neoprene, and the inside lining is red and padded.¬†Overall, it looks pretty cool for such a cheap Chromebook sleeve, and would make a great gift for a student who’s getting a Chromebook.

Inside of protective sleeve

Chromebook Compatible

This sleeve will fit either a Samsung or Acer Chromebook, with a little extra space to store accessories.

If you’re not looking for something fancy, and just want a basic Chromebook sleeve with carrying handles and a basic layer of protection against the elements, we highly recommend the Case Logic LNEO-12 Sleeve. If you need something fancier with a little more protection and/or more storage space for accessories, we recommend you take a look at the faux-suede CaseCrown¬†Chromebook Sleeve (with shoulder strap) or the professional-looking Case Logic Aquila Shoulder Bag.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Carrying handles not usually found on basic sleeves
  • Extra pocket for storing power adapter and small Chromebook accessories
  • Made of tougher, weather-resistant neoprene rather than cheaper nylon


  • Will not protect against major drops, bumps, or spills.

Lowest Price Link: $13.99 Case Logic Neoprene Netbook Sleeve

Overall Rating: (4.5)

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