Review: Case Logic Aquila 11-Inch Shoulder Bag

Looking for something bold and different to safely shuttle your brand new Acer Chromebook around in? Take a look at the Aquila Shoulder Bag by Case Logic. This highly compact, professional-looking messenger bag is perfectly tailored to protect your new 11.6″ machine. It’s a durable, sophisticated case that has the added bonus of attracting compliments as it carries your Chromebook accessories.

A padded compartment for your Acer Chromebook (or any netbook, laptop or tablet with an 11.6” or smaller display) not only provides more-than-sufficient defense against impacts and drops, but it keeps the computer positioned vertically against your back for more equal weight distribution than with traditional laptop/shoulder bags.

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Chromebook Case ReviewInside the AquilaShoulder strap attaches around a chair leg

The Verdict

We really like this bag. The padding inside is soft (but protective), and it expands to carry any number of accessories anyone would reasonably ever carry with their Chromebook. There is plenty of room to carry a smartphone, a portable hard drive, mini usb hub, flash drives, cables, pens, and so on. As a matter of fact, the “quick stuff” pocket will stretch over just about anything (within reason here, guys).

Another useful pocket under the main flap holds small items like phones, pocket books, notepads, usb drives, glasses, or anything else you might need quick access to.

This bag can hold a Chromebook and accessories

Overall, the Case Logic Aquila Shoulder Bag is what we’d call a “smart bag.” While not as large or heavy as other cases, it is surpising just how much this compact bag will accommodate, and the above-average build quality makes tears unlikely. Perhaps most importantly, though, it holds an Acer Chromebook snugly and securely. It will be perfect for most people’s needs, and has a very unique style. If price is a concern, you should note that it is priced higher than most of the cheaper nylon cases — however it will still set you back significantly less than most other semi-professional-looking laptop bags.

Some think the case looks like a purse from the photos (really?), but I didn’t find that to be the case. Anyway, if that kind of thing bothers you for some reason, you may want to look at another Chromebook case. Personally, I think it’s a great case. It walks the perfect line between compactness and storage capacity, and has enough padding to protect the most delicate/expensive device from scratches and dings. And at the current price, it’s an investment that’s well worth it.


  • Padded protection for an Acer WiFi or 3G Chromebook.
  • Shoulder bag holds the laptop vertical and flat for better comfort.
  • Looks professional.
  • Stylish.
  • Fits Acer Chromebook snugly.
  • Zippered expansion option (to make bag smaller or larger), and quick-stuff pocket stretches to fit different shapes and sizes.


  • Doesn’t have as much storage capacity as a larger bag.
  • Expensive.

MSRP: $79.99
Lowest Price: On sale! $62.99 Case Logic Aquila Shoulder Bag

Overall Rating: (5.0)

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